There are no cars, televisions or street lights and the human inhabitants and visitors are heavily outnumbered by the … The majority of Lundy's cliffs are western side of the island, hence it is a good venue for those that favour a late start. The 15 minute walk to the tavern and shop involves walking through 2 farm gates or climbing over a stile. It is a hidden gem of a property, but one of the least-rented, so is sometimes available at short notice. Lundy's location off the coast of Devon Lundy is an island 3 miles (4.8 km) long and ½ mile (0.8 km) wide off the north coast of Devon in the south west of the United Kingdom, where the Bristol Channel meets … As a matter of fact, the puffins that inhabit the island are where its name originated from (Lundy is the Norse name for Puffin Island). Try the Scilly Isles instead. Led Zeppelin, ‘Stairway to Heaven’ On most … MILLCOMBE HOUSE: the finest house on the island: a comfortable, charming, spaceous and elegent Georgian rectory in a delightfully sheltered little valley teeming with wildlife, with a fine view. The journey takes just over 2 hours and allows you to take in the views of the Devon coast along the way. Topics include Transportation, Things to Do, Dining Scene, United Kingdom: For Foreign Visitors & more! The Landmark Trust staff, both on Lundy and the mainland, are extremely helpful and are happy to answer any questions not covered by the brochure  See the island website at for details on contacting them. The island is steeped in history and has some very interesting places to visit regardless of your archaeological interests. Campers should ensure that they bring good quality tents as it can get very windy, and cheaper tents suffer damage. Lundy Island Guide . Lundey, otherwise known as ‘Puffin Island’, is a small, uninhabited island off the coast of Reykjavík, known for its incredible bird-watching opportunities. 51°10' North 04°40' West Paddles Touring Guide – Lundy Island 'There's a feeling I get, when I look to the west and my spirit is crying for leaving.' There are no televisions, radios or telephones in the accommodation. [Bramble Villas (semi-detached, West on left)]. There is no electricity and is a half-hour (or more) hike along an uneven track to the tavern and shop. All of the Lundy properties have that "Landmark Trust look" - white walls, rugs on floorboards, tasteful and relevant prints and watercolours, antique brown desks and chests of drawers, old but comfortable armchairs, wooden kitchen fittings, blue china crockery and some interesting books. Tickets for a day return ferry crossing cost £40 for adults; £37 for concessions; and £21 for under 16s. Grant Sherman, who lived on Lundy for 13 years, is the … All profit from visitors is reinvested into the upkeep of the island. If travelling to Lundy outside of the main tourist season (over the winter months) - the island is reachable by helicopter from 51.01867-4.518163 Hartland Point. Go to for the island's official website, and fill in the on-line form to request a brochure which they will post. Lundy island, owned by The National Trust, is administered and run by The Landmark Trust, and the only way to stay there is to book through them. Accommodation on the tiny island of Lundy varies as to cost, size and character. [Castle inner courtyard, Castle Keep South on right]. The camping field is just on the edge of the village behind the shop. Tickets for the helicopter cost £125 for adults, and £67 for under 16s. It’s a small building but with an excellent assortment of fresh and frozen foods, household goods and toiletries and beers, wines and spirits, as well as fresh bakery products and Lundy souvenirs (including the famous Lundy … A charming and simple little cottage next to the Old Light - it would be a good choice for the first-time visitor who likes things simple and remote. [Millcombe Valley, with Millcombe House centre. Located 12 miles off the coast of North Devon, Lundy Island is a unique and magical place. Staying in either, the visitor can go up the lighthouse tower whenever they want, which is a joy and provides great views of the West Country and Wales. The major disadvantage of them is that in Castle Keep North all of the windows look inwards to the courtyard, and Castle Keep South has a single outward facing window in the bathroom: this makes both of these rather gloomy. Please take this into account when making your The Marisco Tavern, although operating as the island's only restaurant, is also a 'traditional' pub, where beers, liquors, and wines are served. Old Light Lower looks out at the surrounding wall, so the views are disappointing: Old Light Upper has wonderful views and so is marginally the better of the two. The island is a perfect place to wind down and relax and it is very easy to forget about life on the mainland. The island is host to many different species of animals and plants - including puffins, seals, and goats. Last updated: 4 July, 2020 For a Lundy Island … A visitor with the choice of the two flats should opt for the upper one rather than the lower one, but both are tremendous places to stay, and children love them. Lundy Island travel guide Leave modern life far behind and escape to this rocky outcrop, where a spectacular range of flora and fauna flourishes amid the dramatic scenery. The gentle ten minute stroll to the shop and tavern is fairly flat. OLD HOUSE SOUTH, OLD HOUSE NORTH, SQUARE COTTAGE: all three are classy, elegant properties and lovely places to stay, and all have excellent views - in Square Cottage the living room is on the first floor and you can see everyone's comings and goings.