The Undertaker, de son vrai nom Mark William Calaway, superstar du catch américain et international, a officialisé sa retraite ce dimanche 21 juin, dans … During Derrick's funeral, there are none, although Francis is present and does not call for backup or help Packie and Niko fight off the Albanians. (Only if the player does not wearing suit and smart shoes at the start of the mission)• ­Go to the church and attend the funeral.• ­Help Packie fight the Albanian hoods.• ­Get in the hearse with Packie.• ­Drive Packie and hearse to the cemetery. 1. We're currently providing more than 80,000 modifications for the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA 4 - Mission #59 - Undertaker (Francis McReary) Carylon Lujan. The Cousins Bellic - Watch the Introduction, before meeting Roman Bellic and driving him to his apartment. GTA 4 - Mission #59 - Undertaker (Derrick McReary) Carylon Lujan. GTA 4 - Mission #59 - Undertaker [Derrick's Funeral] … Derrick is one of the McReary brothers. Le joueur devra donc aider Pakie à tuer tous les assaillants puis conduire un Romero jusqu'au cimetière (le lieu varie selon la personne dont on organisait les funérailles à l'église : le quartier de Colony Island pour Francis ou de Steinway pour Derrick) en surveillant sa vitesse de sorte que le cercueil ne tombe pas. San Andreas Vice City GTA 3. Afficher la suite . Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. Follow. 4. Derrick, however, is intending to leak incriminating information about Francis to a news reporter, putting his career at risk. Pareil à micromania! Author*: fidox. Conditions of mission failure Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls,, I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle,, Drive Packie and the hearse to the cemetery. Followers 0. Game Type Andreas 5,778 Andreas 5,778 General; Leone Family Mafia; Joined: 05/27/2012; 5,778 Posted June 17, 2015. Last Edited: 15 Aug 2011 6:51 am. 6 years ago | 16 views. Files for GTA 4. After killing all of them the player will have to drive to the cemetery (varies on who Niko had killed in the previous mission; Colony Island for Francis and Steinway for Derrick) with a final car of Albanian hoods in pursuit. Grand Theft Wiki est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Jeux vidéo. Grand Theft Auto IV In order to complete the mission the player must: The funeral song playing during the mission. Arrondissement d'AlgonquinVille de Liberty City By kingfire. 4. Undertaker is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV, triggered by a phone call from Patrick "Packie" McReary; it is one of several missions in the game that commits Niko without player choice. • ­Change into a suit for the funeral or go to Perseus and buy a smart outfit. » Téléchargements GTA 4 » Autres » Sauvegardes PC Screenshots: Fichier: Téléchargements: Date d'Ajout: PC # 71 - Payback : 728 07/03/2009 PC # 70 - Pegorino's Pride: 718 07/03/2009 PC # 69 - Undertaker: 719 07/03/2009 PC # 68 - Truck Hustle: 697 07/03/2009 PC # 67 - Blood Brothers: 792 07/03/2009 PC # 66 - I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle: 721 07/03/2009 PC # … I have killed Francis and then … 5 years ago | 10 views. In this mission Derrick asks Niko to kill one of his war mates, Bucky Sligo. undertaker - 24 mai 2009 à 19:24 derek310 - 10 nov. 2012 à 17:58. «Undertaker» est une missionconfiée par Patrick McReary à Niko Bellic (le protagoniste) dans Grand Theft Auto IV. If any of the guests' cars are damaged in the firefight, they are automatically repaired by the time the player reaches the cemetery. Watch GTA 4 - Mision #68 - Undertaker (Funeral Francis McReary) - Tutorial (Patrick McReary - Algonquin) - queeneneem on Dailymotion Library. You can open an own thread for that. UNDERTAKER REST IN PEACE UNDERTAKER WWE T-SHIRT Made by kyle_987 Instructions included with download. File size: 16.22 Mb. Technical Information Si l'une des voitures des invités est endommagée dans la fusillade, elle sera réparée à l'arrivée au cimetière. « Undertaker » est une mission confiée par Patrick McReary à Niko Bellic (le protagoniste) dans Grand Theft Auto IV. « Undertaker » Avant d'aller aux funérailles, il devra s'habiller en costume (en vente chez Perseus). The player must kill them all before they destroy the hearse carrying one of the deceased McReary Brothers. GTA 4 Wiki Guide. Cette mission est déclenchée par un coup de téléphone de Patrick McReary (dit Packie) peu après la mission « Blood Brothers ». Niko, however, is later contacted by Derrick who informs him of the meeti… Got a solution? In 1985, the last of his American criminal record was him g… Some time after this mission is completed, Kate will call when the ", It is possible to have the Romero repaired at a. Patrick McReary Undertaker. Top Contributors: Honestgamer, JonRyan-IGN, Dhuang112 + more. Before heading to the marker, the player should head to a gun shop or call Little Jacob to stock up on ammo and armor to make the mission easier. Share this post. 6 years ago | 16 views. Lieux 1. 5.0 956 12 Suzuki Carry 1993. It's Your Call - Drive Roman to a hardware store, receive his old phone and escape from the loan sharks. Instructions on using save files for GTA 4… Time of day • ­Drive Packie and hearse to the cemetery. Downloads: 2971. Help Packie fight the Albanian hoods 3. GTA 4 - Mission #59 - Undertaker (Derrick McReary) Search. 0. He was arrested at three different protests in the early-1970s, all before he turned eighteen. Grand Theft Auto GTA 4 Saves | Undertaker . Smackdown is the first mission that Niko Bellic does for Derrick McReary in Grand Theft Auto IV. Cette mission n'est pas véritablement liée à Francis, mais nous avons choisi de la placer à cet endroit puisqu'elle intervient juste après la mission Blood Brothers. undertakers. Se rendre à l'église pour assister à l'enterrement ; aider Packie à affronter les gangsters albanais ; conduire Packie et le corbillard jusqu'au cimetière. gta 4 gamer 2 gta 4 gamer 2 Soldier; Members; Joined: 06/17/2008; 2 Posted November 29, 2008. Follow. Suggestions: undertaker. 0. Francis tells Niko that he is meeting Derrick in Lancet, giving Niko the opportunity to kill his brother. quelqu'un saurait quand sort le prochain GTA 4, sur PC ? Each time I try to call her, her phone gives and engaged tone. Nom. Report. All Versions. I don't know what this is, or what it turned into, … Pc-Walkthroughs. 1 (current) 1 106 téléchargements , 1,7 Mo 17 septembre 2017. • ­Change into a suit for the funeral or go to Perseus and buy a smart outfit. Link to post Share on other sites. For Go to the church and attend the funeral 2. Best of Brake Check Gone Wrong (Insurance Scam) & Instant Karma 2019 |Road Rage, Crashes Compilation - Duration: 15:20. Employeur Where is "undertaker" mission and the Gerry missio. ésperont qu'il soit aussi bien que SAN ANDREAS, ou voir mieux ! Drive Packie and the hearse to the cemetery Niko decides to go. Saves Cheats Trainers Patches. Ultimate GTA 4, The Lost and Damned, The Ballad of Gay Tony Savegames Arena !~ Authors: Fabio206 - PS3 GTA 4 savegames - GTA-Expert.its webmaster Skiaffo - PC GTA 4 savegames - GTA-Expert.its moderator Neon25 - PC GTA 4 100% savegame - thanks for permission! Autres traductions . 2. Get in the hearse 4. Emportez vos fandoms favoris partout avec vous. Browse more videos. Dashcam Lessons Recommended for you I'll Take HerThat Special Someone Watch GTA 4 Walkthrough - Mision #59 - Undertaker [Funeral de Francis] (HD) - ubervlakd on Dailymotion In 1978, he and Bucky Sligo were both arrested for armed robbery. Aucune WastedBustedPackie diesRomero destroyedCoffin falls out of the car archéo-croquemorts. Niko devra alors se mettre en chemin. en tout cas vivement la sortie de ce jeux ! Difficulté Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. GTA 5 Cheats Undertaker 1. Thanks for the help. Kate will phone the player a few minutes later (Niko donning a suit will trigger the call) asking if Niko is attending the funeral. Undertaker The Grand Theft Auto Park. 5.0 615 10 Remington Model 870. Also there's a chance some cops will also join the gunfight with Niko against the Albanians, but like Packie the cops deal no damage to them. Undertaker is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV, triggered by a phone call from Patrick "Packie" McReary. 3:06. 9 years ago | 165 views. We wish much fun on this site and we hope that you enjoy the world of GTA Modding. Porsche 911Stinger GTR TopCar 2018 [ADD-ON/FiveM] Info & Media. After the mission Blood Brothers, Packie calls Niko about the death of one of his brothers (either Francis or Derrick depending on who the player chose) and asks him to attend the funeral at Suffolk Church on Liberty Lane, Suffolk. 8:36. 4.73 348 23 Presidents Masks for Michael. More mods by kingfire: 4.75 1 202 9 Scorpion from Mortal Kombat X. Fortunately, there are excellent undertakers at hand. Grand Theft Auto V . By kingfire. Unlocks Récompense As the title said, after the Undertaker mission in Gta IV where you attend to Derricks or Francis funeral, I can no longer contact Kate McReary. Playing next. Posez votre question . MODS show all. By gta 4 gamer, November 29, 2008 in GTA IV. Playing next . Packie appelle Niko à propos de la mort de son frère (Francis ou Derrick, en fonction du choix du joueur) et lui demande d'assister aux funérailles à l'église sur Liberty Lane dans le quartier de Suffolk. During Francis's funeral, 4 cops can be seen sitting in the pews. By kingfire. Aircraft (294) Bikes (424) Boats (66) Cars (5587) Helis (67) Maps (453) Mods (1286) Other (82) Savegames (45) Skins (957) Tools (41) Trainers (22) Trains (44) Weapons (157) Featured more. croque-mort. He was arrested in 1980 for cocaine possession and according to the LCPD, his heroin addiction was picked up in prison. GTA IV GTA 4 - Mission #59 - Undertaker (Derrick McReary) Report. The mission's name is an alternate term for a mortician or funeral director. Ces exemples peuvent contenir des mots familiers liés à votre recherche. Even though this mission is given by Packie, it instead gives progression to Francis' mission stats instead of Packie's, despite his last mission being Blood Brothers. Browse more videos. j'ai fait des recherche mais rien, ils disent seulement les dates pour la PS3 et la XBOX ! pompes funèbres. Not anymore. 76. Three's a Crowd - Pick up Mallorie Bardas and Michelle from the subway station, drive them to Michelle's place, and go buy new clothes.Michelle 1. 0. Strangely, no cops arrive in the initial shootout. Packie tells Niko to dress in a suit (can be bought at Perseus) and informs him about the incarceration of Gerry. chuss . In both instances, it would make sense if the other funeral attendees called for the police. GTA IV - 63 - Undertaker. The player cannot phone Francis in this mission to reduce their wanted level. Accueil Quiz Grand Theft Auto : London 1969 Grand Theft Auto Figure dans 9:31. This one is about Trevor's "Undertaker" face expression . This mission does not have any money rewarded, but the mission I'll Take Her is unlocked. E-mail / website: Unknown. In the beta, this mission originally took place at night. Une fois arrivé à l'église, une cinématique se déclenchera — elle sera différente selon le frère McReary que le joueur avait choisi de tuer. Page Tools. Après la fusillade, lorsque Packie indique à chacun de se diriger vers les voitures, si Francis a été épargné dans la mission précédente, il est vu au volant de la première voiture, mais si Derrick a été épargné, elle sera conduite par un personnage aléatoire. Packie seems to join the shootout, however the enemies will not take any damage from Packie. Sign up. Trevor is indeed undertaker, ita confirmed on the gta wikia page . fossoyeurs. Derrick was born to Maureen McReary and Mr. McReary in Dukes. Although if Niko is dating. In order to complete the mission the player must: 1. Watch fullscreen. kingfire. None Télécharger Partager. In-game time. 1. GTA 4 Walkthrough - Guide for . GTA 4 undertaker mission HELP? Blood Brothers Log in. Traduction de "undertakers" en français. After the Mission Blood Brothers , Packie calls Niko about the death of one of his brothers (either Francis or Derrick depending on who the player chose) and asks him to attend the funeral at the unnamed … File replaces: feet_000_u.wdr, ... Upload date: 20 December 2012. To get the mission the player can call Packie after the Three Leaf Clover mission. If the coffin lid is lost during the car chase, the corpse of either Derrick or Francis can be seen. Anyone experienced this before? As the group is leaving the church, they will be attacked by three waves of four Albanian hoods coming in cars from both sides of the street and from the middle alley. Mission Objectives They'll again have to protect the hearse and if the back door detaches or opens, the player will have to watch their speed so the casket doesn't fall out the moving vehicle. Follow. By kingfire. • ­Go to the church and attend the funeral. GTA 4 - Mission #59 - Undertaker (Francis McReary) Report. Niko Bellic receives a text message to meet Francis McReary in Algonquin and Niko follows the instructions, meeting Francis who explains that he wants his brother Derrick dead for "the good of the community". 3. GTA 5 The Ballad of Gay Tony The Lost and Damned GTA 4. ok the game is not progressing at all! Location MISSION Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Respect Ces exemples peuvent contenir des mots vulgaires liés à votre recherche. Cette mission est déclenchée par un coup de téléphone de Patrick McReary(dit Packie) peu après la mission «Blood Brothers». Une fois cette cinématique terminée, en sortant de l'église, Niko sera attaqué. Reactions stats Download file. Section: Skins → New characters. GTA IV ; Where is "undertaker" mission and the Gerry missio Sign in to follow this . There are 34 missions total in Broker-Dukes and Bohan (27 in Broker-Dukes, 7 in Bohan).Roman Bellic 1. Skins de gta 4 sur ps3 [Fermé] Signaler. Suffolk Church, Suffolk Reward(s) Conditions : Terminer la mission Blood Brothers de Francis Bonus : Débloque la deuxième série de missions de Gerry Reward : Le droit de risquer sa vie ! 0. Born in 1956, he is the eldest of the McReary siblings, followed by Francis, Gerry, Packie and Kate respectively. Browse more videos. Hope you enjoy this.. ~! Patrick McReary Unlocked by GTAinside is the ultimate Mod Database for GTA 5, GTA 4, San Andreas, Vice City & GTA 3. Facile Playing next.