The Maternity Grant is a single (tax free) payment to help with the cost of having a baby. Find out about the day-to-day costs of living in Jersey and see how the island compares to other countries. Living here provides genuine low tax advantages, ... Jersey and France. They also reap business benefits, like lower absenteeism, lover turnover and improved customer satisfaction. Expat Jersey . Five reasons to live in Guernsey, Channel Islands. You can gain 'Entitled' status after living in Jersey for 10 years. Guernsey and Jersey do not benefit from the UK’s membership of the EU other than in a limited fashion via Protocol 3. I wrote a blog post the other week in which I explained how I often feel like an outsider on Jersey. The Channel Islands are located in the English Channel and Jersey is the most... Read more »... Expat Guernsey . The largest of seven islands in the Bailiwick of Guernsey archipelago in the Channel Islands, heritage-rich Guernsey delivers international financial clout in scenic surroundings. This pocket of international finance is a haven for families and history buffs. An Essential Guide for Moving to Jersey - Christie’s International Real Estate THE richest people in the Channel Islands have been revealed, with the Barclay brothers once again topping the list following a £600 million increase in their fortune during the past year. Guidance for family matters in Jersey (8.35.14) How to prepare for an appearance in the Family court if you are a Litigant in Person (8.25.12.L1) Indecent Photographs of Children ( 8.30.65.L9 ) Jersey Family Law Association ( JFLA) ( 8.1.5 ) Jersey Royal Court Advisory Service (8.27.10.L13) Judicial and legal separation ( 8.25.6. The Channel Islands' historic relationship with the EU. As such HRH Queen Elizabeth is not only Guernsey’s sovereign but also the Duchy’s Head of State. Employers pay the Living Wage because they know people are the lifeblood of any business. There are two maternity benefits available in Jersey - a Maternity Grant and Maternity Allowance. History. Guernsey and the other Channel Islands represent the last remnants of medieval Duchy of Normandy, dating back to 993. Part of the Channel Islands, Guernsey offers expats stunning scenery and comfortable living. However, I feel that I have been a little unfair towards my adopted home. They sometimes require 60,000GBP or more deposits, and charge a lot of hidden fees if you also invest with them. Work.   Under the German Occupation of the Channel Islands, the income tax … In 1928, the Jersey government introduced an income tax of 2.5%. Jersey is an interesting place to live …. It’s a beautiful island and has everything you could want packed into a small island. It’s expensive to live here - rents are high and food prices are higher than the mainland. Jersey is as exotic as you get for those trying to stay within the UK’s borders. By Kate Youde. 2 years ago. Maternity. Look on a map and you might struggle to find Jersey, you would almost definitely need a magnifying glass to find its tiny pinprick mark just off the coast of France. The Living Wage we promote is voluntary and separate to both the UK’s ‘national living wage’ and to the minimum wage set by the States of Jersey. HSBC bank is very popular amongst expats but the account they offer can be expensive. Protocol 3 brings the Channel Islands within the EU Single Market for the purposes of trade in goods (but not services).