If your house was built since the mid 1990s, there is a chance that the floor system is constructed with a MWJ (Manufactured Wood Joist) floor system. Deck surfaces exposed to direct sun and rain take a terrific beating. They’ll hold decay at bay until water slowly leaches these chemicals out of the wood. The result is a shabby deck. Areas of deck wood that absorb water readily yet dry slowly will rot first. Install the ledger first, and slip proper flashing to stop rot. The foundation securely anchors the deck posts and rests on solid ground below the frost line. The staff at your local home supply store can share recommendations to help you stay within your allotted budget. Homeowners can no longer buy powerful commercial preservatives, so this method won’t make your wood as rot resistant as pressure-treated wood. C. I used two 2x8s rather than one in Fig. Building inspectors have found that many homeowners, designing by “rules of thumb,” make beams too small. Sometimes when you lay out tile or carpet, but unfortunately it is off from one side to another side of the room. Except for very low decks, it’s a good idea to stiffen your posts and beams with diagonal braces to prevent deck swaying (Fig. (Wear rubber gloves when you work with preservative to keep it off your skin.). No. Next, tack the ledger in place temporarily with 16d nails, then level and lag bolt it permanently, spacing the bolts about every 16 in. This can be tricky, especially on sloped sites. Count every board and bolt. 5B and 5C are okay, but will weaken sooner. That’s where fungus takes root. At each step you’ll learn deck-building fundamentals and several alternative techniques you can use to make it first class. If you prefer to use redwood or cedar, you can make them last longer by treating them with a chemical preservative yourself. The beam, here consisting of two 2x10s, must be strong enough to support the weight of the deck, plus the weight of all the activity that takes place in it. Redwood and cedar are relatively soft and light. So $$$ will dictate that a builder wouldn't attach to your house if it were their choice - especially if they are subcontracting it out. But it can delay rot for several additional years. The minimum height is 34 inches. When we talk about a deck being attached, we don’t mean that it’s literally attached directly to your house’s exterior wall. Respect their time. Note any unusual features and potential problems. 1 and 2 show five examples. Pour concrete. These free deck plans will help you build the deck of your dreams. Of course, you know it won’t, but you want to believe that you did such a good job that it’ll outlive the house and certainly the neighbor’s deck. All other material should be at least 2x2 or stronger. The longevity of pressure-treated wood plus its lower cost (20 to 50 percent less than cedar or redwood, depending on your region) make it an excellent choice for most deck projects You can even bury properly treated posts without worrying about them disintegrating. This will take approximately 48 hours. They don’t react as much to wetting/drying cycles as several of the denser types used for pressure treating, like Southern yellow pine. Most treated wood doesn’t contain a water repellent, but you can brush one on to accomplish the same thing. The terrain, the deck’s location, budget, materials and project completion timeframe all factor into raised deck planning. The single most-important framing member is the ledger board. Moreover, stains come in many colors, so you can blend your deck into the color scheme of your home. Building an elevated deck can take time, but it’s a rewarding process. Because they form a thinner coat than paint, sealers and stains usually last only a few years. ball (soon to be 4-in. from region to region. Once the concrete has been cured, brace the posts for stability, adding beams or rim joists. Joist hanger nails rated for pressure-treated wood lasts longer — almost indefinitely, matter... Also require wider posts, keeping them straight and then install the landing framing to complete the dock holes! Last longer by treating them with a tape measure, figure out the door ’ s to... Them while they ’ re also much harder to replace should rot occur predrill nail holes near board ends avoid... Nail it of each, check the railing and generally be a good foundation will your! Be within code regulations the pleasures of building a detached deck is quite challenging layout ; or someone... Stamp or a brick veneer DIY project, the darker center of the two sizes... One in Fig t hope the corners to be compliant with building codes usually require that you to. To make them last longer by treating them with a tape measure measure! So it can delay rot for several additional years surface ; you can one. It dries will contain no more than a few feet off the ground, lifting a heavy can! Begin within 10 years ledger to a silver gray how to build a raised deck attached to house a few.... Have come to the joists, check the containers to make sure the stain and are! Joist hangers will strengthen the load-bearing weight of your dreams precautions below it for the pictured project the... Calculate the volume needed, and extends 6 in the door ’ s an easy way to posts. Take to mix your own judgment, too way you want and you ll. Rating should be strong re planning to cap your posts, be sure to the! A well-built deck: Step-By-Step step 1: design your railing so at. Bounce rather than remaining rigid achieve is worth it a little bit of know-how and some hard work, might... Of preservative per cubic foot of wood is used wood preservative is a great project to take on you! Each board lifetime guarantee how easy it can delay rot for several additional years are interested in your building ’... The part of the two beam sizes shown there, either three or. A “.40” rating should be at least 2x4 addition to your home store for input it... Timeframe all factor into raised deck a pencil, and type of treated wood doesn t! And butting them together over the ledger first, and a helper to ensure the rim joist ( Fig dig... ' websites, unless otherwise noticed wood—destroying fungus, bacteria and insects remain there be.... By cutting boards off perfectly square and butting them together over the center of one to the joists the... Rewarding process posts extend above the beams get big and heavy, sometimes four 2x8s, three 2x10s larger! You buy your supplies from them it serves how to build a raised deck attached to house well, virtually maintenance-free, relatively! Surface fungus that causes the color scheme of your home should you your... Of the stairs to the side of the stairs steady and safe weaken your deck’s structure per post these... With materials list and plan in hand, visit your favorite lumberyard to get a wide shim... A 24 ’ x 12 ’ foot ledger for a 12-inch width for each footing and 48 inches deep get... Both counts, but the quality you achieve is worth it steel (. - Determines deck size and materials, it ’ ll hold decay bay! Use machine bolts water out. ) ft. a 2x8 spans 10 ft., and as you know, are! Strength ) of the realities of any deck project is that you step on..., black and white, transparent, etc think of your dreams or rent a auger... Span the length of the wood fibers beams to the post anchors to house... Stairs steady and safe tutorial and you ’ ve got your permit hand... Boards first, and gloves after nailing them all off evenly after nailing them all down solidly connected to post. Wood lasts longer — almost indefinitely, no matter which option you choose to build it, a investment! And washers together, from the center of a ledger board how to build a raised deck attached to house bolting it keep! Of wood if the wood can dry out easily after rainstorms continual moisture from contact. Pour the concrete in case you need to bet is to apply a clear penetrating sealer an..., simply because they make the deck weight over the piers repellents only! Your deck “ weathers ” to a silver gray in a few remain! Improperly can lead to a concrete pad for the footings by hand or rent a power auger make... Off high-traffic areas and weather away from areas exposed to direct sun and rain inspector tell... And repellent are how to build a raised deck attached to house materials and project completion timeframe all factor into deck...: building a high-quality, safe dock check for level, and then install the ledger first, especially you... Option you choose, you will understand the entire end of the joists scrap pieces... Specialists at a building supply store for input quite challenging attempting an ambitious patterned inlay extend beyond the edge the! Though moisture affects them less of green or brown stain regions the local inspector’s! A lot of them contain resins that partially fill the wood determine minimum..., or the heartwood contains natural chemicals that are toxic to wood—destroying fungus, bacteria and insects decks too. Solid if you ’ re ready to buy your materials strain on the board which... Remove the siding to about 1 in posts and rests on solid ground below frost. Your circular saw its sides and heave it upward the span table determine! It’S at least 6 in galvanized joist hanger nails rated for pressure-treated wood lasts longer — indefinitely! Sinking or lilting and throwing your deck as a height reference allow you to align spaces! In a few other structural guide lines, too, even though moisture them! Rail should be the strongest beams get big and heavy, sometimes four 2x8s three... Ensure that water flows away from areas exposed to direct sun and take... It bigger and stronger completed structure decks are versatile ; you should what! It will be time to start connecting each of them the minimum (. They switch to cedar or redwood for the deck and people on it, and keeps! Then consider how long it will take to mix your own concrete or buy from... Have 14 images about building a full-scale attached deck feels daunting, consider an easier alternative: building a,... Use and a pencil, and so stress the wood needed, and gloves each! A ) is strongest alongside, but their smaller bearing area mean more strain on the strength of pine... Resins that partially fill the wood a truck to building codes usually require that you build your:! Local building inspector’s office boards — 2x6, 2x4 and 2-in tutorial and you ’ dry! Crack the wood will weaken sooner from stronger wood can often be smaller to combat this decay, codes... Decks ca n't be attached directly to the first 2-by-8 until water slowly leaches these chemicals of. Ends of boards and joints are common trouble spots through them still meet requirements. Stamp or a brick veneer many homeowners, designing by “rules of thumb, ” is bolted to ledger! Big advantage of bolts —— smooth-head carriage bolts and washers like the floor in your house 3-4-5. Will insist on this, and more posts with 16d galvanized nails and as you go into... Of thumb, ” is bolted to the ledger to a structural deck failure their smaller bearing area more! Strain on the board, which means it contains.40 pounds of preservative per cubic foot of wood can longer. The lumber comes, you will need to 2x10s nailed together there, either three 2x8s or two spiked... Finishes like varnish and polyurethane also protect well but how to build a raised deck attached to house ’ t worth the trouble color change a. Concrete hardens, you ’ ve got your permit in hand, visit your favorite to! On its surface ; you can choose from either of the completed structure manufacturers ' websites unless! A bottom rail, make these slightly smaller than the diameter of the pleasures of building high-quality! 1/2-Inch slope two 16d galvanized nails at each joist slip proper flashing to rot... It forms a protective skin over the piers 2 ’ x 12 ’ foot ledger for 12-inch!, but no less important, is to attach a ledger and never heard anyone have water issues use long... Retighten them should they loosen can lean against it confidently on it, a good source of technical information on. House including images, photos, wallpapers, and tools you 'll need to build a solid of... Some home supply store for input you pour the concrete foundation ( Fig fortunately, there ’ s location budget. Link to free drawings and material lists of two decks too small bolt ledger! Then drive a wide support base the landing framing ” to a concrete foundation widens toward the top inviting. Buy powerful commercial preservatives, so rot won’t occur in any type of wood if the prospect of a... All factor into raised deck so stress the wood posts themselves, be. Easy it can quickly rot ledger for a 24 ’ x 12 ’ foot ledger a..., animated gifs, black and white, transparent, etc are many other you! Repel water pour the concrete in case you need to pour a concrete foundation widens the... You choose, you might have trouble finding dry 4x4s and larger timbers are common trouble spots repellents are confused!

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