I tried this several times, with no luck. Otherwise, read on for a step by step tutorial with screenshots and a more detailed walkthrough. It looks fine on screen, just won’t print. I have received an email to print my return shipping label. Tried bringing it up in a new window, and even then the buttons do nothing to bring up the printing pop up. Whether the seller is paying for return postage, or you're responsible for the cost, in order to print an eBay return postage label, you'll need a PayPal account. Hi, I have tried Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, can print test pages and other documents, but no matter how many times I try to print the shipping label (which I can see, and choose 'print label'), it won't print. Hi I have never done a return before. I’ll let you know if Amazon have anything meaningful to say when they reply to my case. When I hit the "Print label" button the screen reacts and then flashes to a page saying "return … Load the appropriate label roll into the Dymo 4XL. To print a shipping label on eBay, you need to set up your printer correctly.First, ensure that your Mac or PC is connected to the internet. I clicked on 'print return label' but noting came up to print. The label is displayed in a new window for me (using Explorer), so the back button isn’t an option. Via internet explorer and chrome, to no effect. I even talked with PayPal tonight, and the guy told me it has to be my printer. Bought a 32GB open box Chromebook, received a 16GB model with screen damage. The eBay return label service allows buyers to print a pre-paid postage label for sending an item back to the seller. Automation of returns and refunds saves sellers time, and enables them to process returns faster. If you’re pretty savvy on eBay, just go to My eBay > Orders > Shipping Labels , then click on Void . Edited by: phil-c-100 on Nov 12, 2016 6:23 PM If the expected shipping charges exceed the expected refund or the refund value of a replacement or exchange, an eBay return shipping label won’t be available. Here’s a tutorial on how to request an eBay shipping label refund. Tip You don't need a special printer or self-adhesive labels when printing return postage labels. The eBay return label service will be offered when: a buyer requests to return an item purchased on eBay.com.au; the seller accepts the return request; Customer is not been able to print the return label as it is too big in size and will not be printed on a single sheet, please help her with a new label or send her the label which can be fitted in A1 paper size. While using Edge, When going to print a shipping label via Ebay, the 'print label' button does nothing when clicked. Seller said no refunds, no returns, and blamed eBay for the incorrect information in her ad. eBay refunded me and said that because the seller refused to provide a shipping label, I … Beginning September 14 th 2020, eBay will automate the returns and refunds processes for active managed payments sellers to align the seller experience across the eBay platform. Print an eBay return label. Seller has agreed to return, and I had a message from ebay to say 'print the return label'. I asked eBay to intervene. Complete the steps in the LabelWriter Quick Start Guide for “Unpacking your LabelWriter Printer” and “Connecting your LabelWriter Printer.”. Message from buyer then a follow up email from a support agent" Reason: Request Seller RMA Details: Customer has requested a return.

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