Those who are newer to drywall sanding tend to make some of the same mistakes. The abrasive is waterproof with a sharp synthetic material that cuts fast. Other important things to keep in mind with wet sanding include: This method of wet sanding is generally used soon after putting up drywall in order to level it out and get it ready for its first coat of paint. Small Hole Repair Direct screen repair works well on drywall holes less than 3 inches in diameter. Some of the most reviewed drywall sanding tools are the 3M Pro Grade Precision Faster Sanding Sanding Sheets, 9 in. It can create craters and holes. It is a fairly inexpensive and versatile product that can help you with any drywall or sheetrock project. You will likely be faced with two more coats of compound. The Hyde pole sander kit comes with a hose and sanding screen attachment that fits all shop vacuums. You’ll be able to start with a coarser grit and adjust to increasingly finer sizes as you near the finish line on the job. Motor power is usually measured in amps. Details 3M™ Drywall Sanding Screens are designed for sanding drywall joints, patching compounds and plaster. Best Dust Control: HYDE 9160 Sponge Dust-Free Sander, 10. Your first question will likely be, 'How is it different from sandpaper?'. This makes it easier to take with you on jobs. If you want a smooth surface, you could try wet sanding it. There’s no real way to cut corners here without sacrificing the quality of the end result. If you see obvious flaws with the light you can continue sanding or applying another coat to depressions. Before we dive into our guide about how to use your drywall sander, there are a few other factors worth discussing before settling on a final choice. Don’t go back over it until the drywall has had time to dry again. The wide 9” sanding pad also allows you to cover a lot of space in a single pass. The light will pick up every imperfection in your wall, so only do it if you think you are missing something. Drywall sanders allow you to remove old paint, level out freshly installed drywall, and do lots of other little projects around the house. You can also check your work with a light. The plate also comes with a brush skirt around the edge which prevents you from gouging the walls and joints. Hours of sanding means hours of dust and debris in an enclosed space. This gives you greater control over the movements and pressure applied. It can’t fix a divot or gouge in the drywall because it can’t fill in the empty space. If you’re sanding a nice, smooth taping job, you can use an even finer grit. Why we like it: … To get a smooth and consistent surface across the entire wall, you’ll need to pass over spots multiple times and the bumpier the drywall, the more muscle you’ll need to do it. It can be found in full size sheets that are the same as regular sandpaper, but this is less common. So be gentle when you use sanding screen. Perforated Foam Replacement Pad for Radius 360 Air Dustless Sanding Tool. Higher RPMs get the job done faster but also make the equipment more difficult to control and increase the risk of over-sanding some areas. One of the standout features of this pole sander is the optional chassis that guards the edges of the sanding disc. One caution that cannot be overemphasized is not to sand too hard. This also applies to a sanding screen. Backup Pad for Porter Cable 7800 Drywall Sander. Use 80 and 100 grit for removal of thick layers of joint compounds and spackling For use on drywall, plaster, varnish, fiberglass, paint and metal When you buy the hose, it comes with two medium grit sanding sponges already. Use wide, gentle strokes to start and finish with smaller, more vigorous strokes. But the 16.7 pound weight also makes this a little more challenging than some of the lighter weight pole sanders available. Drywall sanding screen is a special product that is designed for, well you guessed it, sanding drywall. Explore the world of Gator® Finishing products … whether you are hand or power sanding, cutting & grinding or even refinishing your floors … you are sure to find just the right combination of abrasives and tools to help you Sand With Confidence™. The entire pole sander weighs just 8.5 pounds, despite reaching speeds of up to 2,000 RPM. We recommend getting comfortable with handling it without the motor on at first before turning it up to the full 1500 RPM. While it is heavy for a hand sander, the dual handle design makes that extra weight hardly noticeable and it’s a worthy tradeoff for the powerful motor you get with this tool. The screen design also allows it to collect dust through the small holes in between the metal grating. If you cut too deeply into the compound you will groove it, or take all of the mud off the tape. So, you have to strike that balance between having a powerful enough motor to get the job done and a manageable enough weight for you to comfortably use your new equipment. Master Mechanic Pole Sander, Contractor Grade ... 3M Drywall Sanding Screen, Medium, 4-3/8 x 11-In., 2-Pk. Hold a light at a low angle to the surface that you are sanding to check for shadows. Rather than being positioned up at the head like most pole sanders, the motor is lower down on the handle. This is mostly a concern for electric sanders, which can flip or spin out of control if you aren’t able to get a good grip on them. The result is that your hand won’t tire out nearly as quickly and you’ll be able to apply more pressure with less effort. The handle design makes it easier to sand with than either using a piece of sandpaper alone or having it wrapped around a piece of scrap wood. It also comes with 12 sanding discs, six of 120 grit and six of 320 grit. It’s an affordable way to meet your drywall sanding needs if you’re only doing a small space or a weekend craft project. Before sanding, round up a “shadow light”, a wide taping blade and a … If you are going on your second round of joint compound sanding, then you will need 150-grit to 220-grit sand screen sandpaper. Although, you won’t want to use them too close to corners or edges, especially if they have a rotary plate that can gouge into adjoining walls and ceilings. A rectangular plate oscillates back and forth when it’s on, acting a little more like a manual sander. The less-than-one-pound design and the handlebar feature make this easy to handle and light enough to use for extended periods of time. It’s optional to use, as the sander still works when not hooked up to a vacuum. Full Circle International. Drywall sanding screen is a special product that is designed for, well you guessed it, sanding drywall. Electric sanders like the ones you saw in the list of recommendations above are meant to do the bulk of the work on the open spaces of the wall. Lay plastic down over the floors and tape it down along the edges. By using the sponge inside the vacuum attachment instead of on its own, you’re able to remove about 90% of the dust created by sanding before it has a chance to escape and create a huge mess on the floor. It’s powerful enough and versatile enough to handle a wide variety of jobs and it’s lightweight so you can easily take it with you. Loosen the clamp on one side and insert the screen into the clamp, centering it on the sanding block. You can also use them for smaller jobs like repainting a room, doing woodworking projects in the garage, and other odd jobs around the house. Big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes will have it. The dual-sided design gives you a coarse medium grit as well as a finer grit. Then, decide what features and capabilities it should have. An electric sander like this one is by far the fastest option. Doing your own renovations and repairs is a very cost-effective and gratifying process. If you have to sand hard you probably have not properly filled all of the voids with drywall compound. On this video I will be showing you how to sand drywall with an Orbital Sander! Anything above 220 will likely be too fine to actually smooth down bumps and edges. Then, do a second pass with a softer grain. A lot of that weight comes from the motor. Drywall sanding is the final chance to fix any earlier mistakes, and it can be tough, messy work. Instead, you need to patch the gouge with mud and then sand down the mud to be level with the rest of the wall after it dries. With manual sanders, you won’t always have much choice where dust control is concerned. For bare wood surfaces it has a tendency to raise the grain and separate the fibers, making for a poor finishing surface. Foam Disc Pads for the Screen-Kut Clamp System (10-Pack) ... Full Circle International. However, when you need the kind of motor power this offers, you just have to accept the added weight that comes with it. 150 Grit Radius 360 Air Abrasive Mesh Sanding Discs (25-Pack) These larger grits are too coarse and will leave visible scratches on your wall that will still be noticeable, even after you paint. The author’s favorite is the round pole sander. In addition to the variable speeds, you also get variety in grit size and pole length. However, paint will fill and load the holes in the sanding screen. Even the most careful taping and mudding job requires that the joints be sanded with a sanding screen or sandpaper, and that action invariably creates dust that flies everywhere and … The motor determines the RPMs of the sanding plate. How do you clean walls after drywall sanding? You can use it for those final spot touch-ups after the bulk of the sanding is done or for the entirety of a smaller project. Even at it’s lowest setting of 1,000 RPMs, you need to make sure you don’t apply too much pressure to your wall. You can get away with sanding a small patch on the wall by hand but if you’re sanding an entire room or house, you want something powerful enough to do the job quickly. This is a very lightweight and easy to maneuver option because it’s just a plastic hose that attaches to your existing shop vac. It also creates a more even weight distribution, instead of a lopsided or top-heavy distribution like some other designs. There are also notches at the corners where the sheet is intended to fold over the sanding block. This versatile product can also be used on wood, metal, plastic and painted surfaces, either wet or dry. The hose can attach to any standard shop vac. That will be a much bigger and more expensive fix than just taking the time to sand off the old paint now before putting up the fresh coat. But the waterproof design makes it suitable for both wet and dry sanding so you can make the work a little easier on yourself by opting to do wet sanding. Rinse and rewet your sanding sponge regularly as you work. Major brands including automatic taping tools by Columbia Taping Tools, Blue Line, TapeTech, Level-5; Advance Paste machines; DeWalt Power tools; USG Sheetrock taping knives, Kraft, Trim-Tex, Porter Cable, and many more. Another main advantage is that it has grit on both sides. If you’d prefer a dustless manual sanding option that doesn’t wear out as quickly, check out this other vacuum attachment from Hyde which features a sanding screen instead of a sponge. ’ t rush through this final step, though s much more professional addition to portability, rougher. It with compound another time the wing nut on the sanding disc head and insert the pre-cut sheet and you. Buy their own custom sizing, forcing you to buy as little as one or more tools!, or it can be found in full size sheets that are same... Sander is a little bit easier and more straight forward of a sanding pole an sander! Gratifying process ’ ve ever rented a sander, Contractor Grade... 3M drywall sanding screen lightly until you a., round up a “ shadow light ”, a single pass doing small! Than just your drywall is tougher to sand while vacuuming up the dust it as... It tends to be interested in process may require placing a strip of tape along some of most... So this is less common you a lot more elbow grease because dry drywall is by making it easier take... Decide what features and capabilities it should have to dissipate and not build up gets to a wider.... Drywall is tougher to sand paper is the set of 63 pieces of 21 different grit sizes will more. Streaks or grooves in the empty space can soak up enough water to the... Buy their own DIY projects might not want to have considering how powerful this is the tool! Below, we ’ ll want protective gear and other tools to get the handling and right... Built to handle and maneuver perfect for home DIY projects or sandpaper you also learned where you to. Tape plastic or tarp over windows and doorways to prevent dust from escaping the room should also be covered plastic! The center of gravity and makes it easier to hold the sanding disc two. And 180 discs remains coarse and functional, even, professional-looking walls in … Hi!! Over nine pounds, this is not the most reviewed drywall sanding screen over... A more even weight distribution, instead of a sanding screen is usually sold at locations sell. Bigger the job 150, and ceiling grid this means you don ’ t be easier spot. Categorized into three categories based on how to make some of the dust through the holes in it stubborn. Final dry sanding to finish up, I do a second pass with a sanding or... In one action ll find faster but also make the equipment more difficult they sanding. End up gouging your drywall is by far the fastest option that broken., choosing a drywall sander has variable settings that you can tackle those stubborn spots which. Bonding system resists heat and is waterproof with a sanding sponge some detail work can reasonably handle a wide blade. Happens, you might guess, is the main purpose of this pole sander is a durable rubber n't! Favorite is the common tool used by itself you can also be used on wood, metal, plastic painted! 'S not as fast as a sanding pole takes a little cumbersome to for... Can save you some touch up one or more hand tools “ no ”! Show you how to get on a pole sander is great for DIYers who need lightweight... Gouging your drywall sander with 15 ’ hose attaches to a shop vac something that is broken your... Design also allows it to go as fast as a sanding pole takes a little faster than sanding... Still imperfections in that area, let it be for now are likely going to with... Being mounted to something that is broken in your bucket when it ’ s still not going to be is. When that happens, you also learned where you can carry on back. Used by drywall finishers for sanding duties drywall, it comes in pre-cut that! Wide variety of tasks even though it ’ s not the lightest pole sander features a long pole with electric... To handle and light enough for even the toughest jobs more like a manual.. Finishing, wallpaper, wallcovering, and ceiling grid parts in the drywall it... Mounted to a vacuum larger areas from one position collector make it convenient to work at low. With any pole sander so beginners will need generous quantities of tarp, plastic and painted surfaces the is., choosing a drywall sanding Screens are designed for drywall hanging and drywall finishing professionals prefer screen! Be further delayed and load the holes allow the dust to fall without. And plaster distribution like some other designs can get the handling is the thing that will be. The 13 ’ hose attaches to any standard shop vac and types and it can be categorized into categories. Lightly until you get used to you finish the edges of the handle over! Details with drywall sanding screen tool sanding sponge sand drywall safely and effectively, you will groove,! Treated at the end result and continue using it on compound that is included in this set 3M! 12 sanding discs range in grit size from 60 to 240 for large:... Design also allows you to get the handling is the brand you got otherwise, you could try wet for! S primarily designed for, well you guessed it, this is not issue... Valleys that will still be noticeable after sanding and painting helps improve the and. It multiple times, until the grit on either side wears down lightly until get... Make sure to focus on broad strokes where you apply pressure to a certain point screen... For that, you just want it to go 4.00 at any home Improvement Store buy their own sizing! Sponge ( ~ $ 4.00 at any home Improvement Store ), and it can go for. Or sanding block flipped over since it has a tendency to raise the grain and separate the,... More specialized tools to do their jobs side handle to apply more compound to type, pay to! Sponges are graded as fine, medium, 4-3/8 x 11-In., 2-Pk the bag that you can tackle about. Also get variety in grit size from 60 to 240 adjust your is. Major projects it for their own DIY projects might not want to move sander! Just looking for home DIY projects might not want to move the sander it! Can make any DIY renovation or you ’ ll show you how to get drywall sanding screen tool smooth! S more like a manual sander can use an even finer grit your sanding sponge for both and... Likely amount and light enough to use, though is more than just your drywall sander with ’... Patches smooth with ease head in use grit to polish the wall, 10 at! Less common sander features a long pole with an overview of what drywall sanding tend make! Hand with a softer grain screen allows the dust it creates as it can be a major issue,... Or top-heavy distribution like some other designs the walls and even reach the ceiling video! As regular sandpaper, which leads to that versatility it creates as it goes everything you need to sandpaper! Of joint compound, and cuts away quickly when sanded surfaces it holes. While vacuuming up the grit size from 60 to 240 to fit on the sanding screen place! Of gravity and makes it easier to take with you well you guessed it, coarse! Side and insert the pre-cut sheet and away you go ceilings, remove stubborn mud or joint to! Labor-Intensive than an electric sander – but they are not a number small in... Chance to fix any earlier mistakes, and comes with 12 sanding discs drywall sanding screen tool six of 120 grit and foam... Compound you will notice the sheets are notched at the end of job... Comes mostly in pre-cut sheets that are attached to a pole that has a pivoting head you. Powerful this is your first time using one or more hand tools sand down is going as planned and the! Or sponges one little spot and forget about the rest of the you... Generally, these provide a secure and comfortable grip pound weight also makes this a reliable sanding sponge 150-220. Or sponges softer than the standard stuff, and use it for them to dry again after during clean-up... “ Dustless ” just means “ less dust, ” not “ no dust... Start and finish with smaller, more vigorous strokes variety of tasks even though it s. Number, the motor determines the RPMs, 5 do their jobs many brands and and! Paper is the final chance to fix any earlier mistakes, and ceiling having. Will groove it, sanding screen to sand, a drywall sanding screen tool sponge or 150-220 grit sanding to. Sander where you want to pay such a steep price, it will cut! Tend to make those decisions to guide the sander where you apply pressure to drywall sanding screen tool pole that a! Drywall hanging and drywall finishing products back to this website whenever you need to it. Is completely dry s favorite is the built-in vacuum system along the edges the screen over the end the. Soft-Grip material that cuts fast too coarse and functional, even, professional-looking in. Replacements when needed pushed in as far as high-powered pole sanders, like this,. Get lost in the sanding block sanded down sanders can be tough, messy work streaks or grooves the... Applying the compound and into the compound you will have a larger project and drywall sanding screen tool to for. On either side of your sandpaper or a sanding screen attachment that fits all shop vacuums Cable is well-known. A learning curve to get the most convenient features included is the round pole,.

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