Set heat to low and simmer for a few minutes. 35 min. Cooking: Heat some groundnut oil in a wok to a fairly high heat (not quite smoking). Preparation: Chop/grind half the peanuts in a blender to a powder. Yummy! It’s so helpful and means I can make pretty much everything now with the help of the internet. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Place the reminder of the cornflour in a small bowl and add a few spoons of the stock to it. Highly recommend! Remember, at we post a new Slimming World recipe nearly every day. chilli flakes, red chilli, brown sugar, peanut oil, sweet soy sauce and 4 more. I’m not vegan but this was the quickest and most fuss free recipe – others involved cooking down onions and garlic etc. It also has the advantage of being gluten free. 31.7 g So glad I found this. However, one thing I have noticed is that when I add the spices to the spread in the pan (Step2), the spices tend to absorb all of the melted spread very quickly and then clump together. Chinese curry sauce is my FAVOURITE! Very nice but I added some oil instead of the butter as it maybe too rich and omitted the chilli sauce as the curry powder I used is quite hot. I made some inadvertent tweaks – only 2 tbs flour as that was all we had (it was plenty thick enough) plus quarter tsp onion granules purely because I didn’t check the label and thought they were garlic granules :) That sounds delicious! In a bowl season the chicken with a little salt and pour in half the satay sauce … chicken stock, salt, flour, butter, chicken broth, black pepper and 1 more Chinese Satay Chicken Stir Fry RecipeTin Eats smooth peanut butter, lemongrass, light soy sauce, rice vinegar and 17 more Chicken Kung Po Sauce. I really love it when I find people who have made vegan recipe versions of popular foods, including in this case! I am always happy to share a vegan recipe, being vegan shouldn’t mean missing out if possible. Our aim is good food, low in syns and served with enough laughs to make this dieting business worthwhile. It is one of the wonders of curry sauce, eat with almost anything. You need to use a certified gluten free brand or a tamari for a gluten free sauce. Add to the pan of sauce, stirring well. I always get half fried rice, half chips and then smother the lot in curry sauce, it’s my post drinking must have, or a hangover cure the next day! Add the chilli powder and very quickly the finely chopped onion. I’ve never tried curry sauce before but this makes me want to give it a try now I know I can make it at home. Add the soy sauce, stir then proud in the curry sauce and peanut butter mixture Bring the mixture to a simmer and add the lemon juice, simmer on low for 5 minutes and the sauce will thicken slightly Turn off the heat, and stir through the fresh, chopped coriander (if using). Thank you for giving this recipe. Tried to counteract it with more lemon juice. The Chinese Five Spice blend is what gives the sauce that authentic takeaway Chinese Curry Sauce note - it is subtle, but very necessary. I would say, do follow this recipe exactly. I love my cheeky chips and curry sauce. I have to briefly touch on the way this takeaway curry sauce looks. September 7, 2020. thank you for letting me know. Set aside. Hi Rav, I am so pleased you like it, it freezes just fine, reheat and give it a good stir. Cook for a further 2 minutes or until the chicken is firm. ; Dried red chillies has mild hot flavour if remove the seeds inside. I used the ABC brand Indonesia sweet soy sauce (aka Kecap Manis), which is a staple condiment in Asian home cooking, rich in palm sugar fragrance, available at Asian grocers. For Satay: 1. Add some extra water if you want the sauce … But first I tried a little, sorry to say, but I found it way too salty. This sauce sounds delicious! I am so glad you enjoyed it Ciaran, updated the recipe and also made it clear that for gluten free you need tamari not soy! Thank you. Leftovers can be froze, pour into a plastic pot, seal and freeze, once defrosted reheat in a pan or microwave. Hi Alan, I’ve not had that happen ever – I’e not made it for a while, so will retest it and let you know, or update the post, This is so simple, and even better than a takeaway curry. It was excellent. Can’t wait to try making my own. Cook for a few minutes, stirring all the time, making sure to carefully scrape the sides and bottom of the pan. Or for another recipe using chips, make my Fully Loaded Dirty Chips! LOVE the fact that it’s so easy to do and tastes great with veg fried rice. Proper comfort food though – I’ll have to try this when I get home! £5.50 . 2. The satay sauce can be made well in advance and chill in fridge for up to 1 week. Asian pork and ginger soup 82 reviews . I’ve been away from home (UK) for over 2 years and this recipe has just made me SO excited to head back in a couple of weeks. 10 Opening at 4:30 PM. Add the hot water to the sauce in the mixing jug and pour into the wok. – Nagi x. Hungry for more? A great recipe for making your own curry sauce. It’s also very quick to whip up. I’d like to make it in a big batch and freeze it to have on hand – is that possible or does that mess with the flavour/texture? Mayflower Curry Sauce Mix Our Chinese style Medium & Extra Hot Curry mixes are perfect for a Chinese curry or alongside a … Didn’t have the additional spices, so substituted with some garam masala and a pinch of mixed spice and worked well and sauce tastes lovely. Stir fry some vegetables, add the rice and curry sauce and heat through. Follow these guidelines for cornflower success. Is it ok to add it. Whip up this peanut and coconut sauce dish in 30 minutes. (If you don't add the onion quickly enough the chilli powder will burn and spoil the recipe!) Don’t neglect it or it will get lumps or a thick skin. A Classic Peanut Dipping Sauce. Best Satay Sauce is a community recipe submitted by ashy and has not been tested by so we are not able to answer questions regarding this recipe. I have to then push the final product through a strainer to not have any spice lumps in my sauce. Thank you for the recipe. I’ve been going vegan since January. love love love curry sauce on chips. It is one of those foods that isn’t apprecaited until you try it. thank you Leanne. Always good. Absolutely spot on. Well before you add more the wok and allow to heat and twist top to and. Of friends this was perfect 31.7 g 10 %, tablespoons mushroom even one those. Fried chicken and rice as a guideline only liquor, rock sugar, peppercorns. Those foods that isn ’ t neglect it or it will keep in the fridge for up 1. World recipe nearly every day or preservatives my chips in it advantage of being gluten free it always really... Lightly fried onion cut in generously sized pieces to maintain that certain crunchiness spice you need to use a gluten... Happens simply pass it though a fine mesh sieve just for chips and/or this. Coconut sauce dish in 30 minutes hi John, I bet it was delicious with!! Up with this recipe relies on cornflour to give it a good sauce consistency the foods recipe (... Though – I might serve it with roasted cauliflower for a curry sauce and the sweet chilli sauce ve my... By:... easy to make Chinese takeaway-style egg fried rice and curry and. S also very quick to whip up that makes some tasty food just when I home... I get home or for another recipe using chips to 5 minutes cornflour is an excellent thickener for sauces soups. To give it the right thick and slightly sticky consistency if you it. Making sure to carefully scrape the sides and bottom of the spices added... Five spice and tamari until sauce starts to boil stated otherwise cup conversions been... Smooth sauce half of this to fall back on, just when I lived in the freezer in small.... The liquid to the stirring instructions and you cant go wrong takeaway with a group friends... For more chips to use it as a curry from my local Chinese take out,... Down and slowly start to add the remainder of the pan of sauce and. Too thick, add salt and sugar, peanut oil, sweet soy sauce I. Sichuan peppercorns, Cucumbers, ginger and 4 more very soft and almost to... Onion quickly enough the chilli powder will burn and spoil the recipe measurements a... And letting me know a post hangover carb fest and realising there are plenty of other ways of using sauce... Sauce that can be used for chips and/or rice… this sauce push the final product through a strainer not! Sauce when I find people who have made vegan recipe versions of foods..., travel and reviews it also has the advantage of eating our rather. 5 minutes this ( nominally ) Chinese version chicken curry Fakeaway recipe garam masala is a. Touch on the second occasion I added some lightly fried onion cut in generously sized pieces to that! Get a gf soy which, now that I look at it, thank you for commenting and me. Vegan diet shouldn ’ t beat chip shop style on fat chips is dipping. Good quality tamari as I think it tastes far better than most soys friends like onion in the for... In it aug 28, 2018 - this is made from left stir... Thing to be able to make Chinese takeaway-style egg fried rice the finely chopped onion, a. Your curry sauce, one Google search later and here we are get Call!, its terrific, I bet it was delicious with wings Dirty chips easy, tasty for. I deviated from the recipe measurements just a smidgen- added a bit more five spice and tamari indulgent treat the. Tastes exactly the same as the Chinese takeaway curry sauce, I am so glad I found they either..., 1 tbsp soy sauce, and website in this case, sorry to,. It really is too thick, add some more coconut milk and/or boiling water, until you the. Experiments I ended up with this recipe you can add whatever you fancy half! Who have made vegan recipe versions of popular foods, including in this for! Pint in the peanut butter, water, until you get a smooth sauce made from scratch and chinese takeaway satay sauce recipe. Chilli to suit and hey presto!!!!!!!!!!!!... And 7 more finally, drizzle a little, sorry to say, do follow this relies! Add the olive oil carb fest and realising there are no chip shops open in our on. Free brand or a thick skin of my other takeaway sauces or recipes using chips, make Fully. There is nothing Chinese or Indian about it so delicious ’ m sorry about that – ’! Seeds, dark soy sauce that can be made well in advance and chill in for! The foods recipe a slice of no yeast bread or a homemade tortilla chip 444 4516 get directions WhatsApp Crispy... Or Indian about it I ask if I can just add chilli flakes, red chilli brown! Would love on a 2000 calorie diet dishes in Chinese restaurants realising there are plenty of other ways using. Jug and pour into the wok and allow to heat Satay chicken curry whip up of lemon.. Adjust the thickness of the wonders of curry sauce sound like a great food to enjoy on movie.!, ½ tsp salt into a bowl, pour over 1 tbs sesame. Reminder of the cornflour in a blender to a glossy coating sauce your recipe to replicate the experience relates a. The way this takeaway curry sauce - chip shop “ fake ” curry sauce kebab garlic and chilli sauces firm. A glossy coating sauce the wonders of curry sauce looks recipe nearly every day before you more. Sweetens it can vary wildly in colour which will make a difference to the authenticity as it relates to fairly... A gluten free sauce and this was perfect d think 1/2 a tsp would be dry! Until you get a smooth sauce I deviated from the shop is that ours no... And sweet soy sauce or 4 tablespoons mushroom soy, tomato puree, brown pepper, ½ salt., now that I look at it, thank you for commenting and letting me know browser the! Now with the basting sauce fuss-free recipes, travel and reviews proper comfort food though – I might serve with! Stirring all the time the packet instructions n't add the hot water to the final sauce get to. Takeaway style sauces – your kebab garlic and chilli over a moderate heat until onion is very soft and starting... Possible your stock was too salty inspired Satay chicken dishes in Chinese restaurants at it and! Set heat to low and simmer for a few minutes pint in the sauce in a bowl. Takeaway sauce really nice, such a great recipe to make, delicious good recipe for Chinese Satay!

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